Adel Javed courses

from 150KD up to 300KD

Learn studio photography, location videography, adobe creative suite and much more with Adel Javed

course length:

1 day – up to 4 Hours

Date & time booked:

please note the date and time you request may not be possible due to trainer schedule. we may request to change date & time. if no date & time are convenient for either mentor or trainee we will issue full deposit refund.

Booking deposit:

100KD deposit and remaining after course completion

get creative with photoshop 200KD – 2hr

light room A-Z 150KD – 2hr

studio photography 300KD – 4hrs

fashion & portrait retouching 200KD – 2hr

intro to 3D modeling 250KD – 3hr

edit with adobe premier 200KD – 2hr


please check the curriculum below for what mentorship programs cover


Programs Curriculum

Get creative with photoshop - 1 day

course curriculum available soon

light room A to Z - 1 days

– Master the Lightroom workflow
– Improve photos & fix any mistakes
– Understand the most important tools in Lightroom
– Set up Lightroom to run smoothly
– Make your photos look the same across all devices including mobile, desktop, tablets, etc.
– Take raw images on your mobile and edit them on your desktop
– Organize your photos
– Backup your images so you never worry about losing pictures
– How to create Develop presets
– How to edit properly and productivley
– Know exactly where to start your editing process

Studio Photography Course - 2 days

– Know what type of equipment to use for specific type of photos
– Know how all of the gear fits together
– Understand the various methods of triggering flashes
– How to get perfect exposures using the manual mode
– How to make beautiful light for stunning images
– How to control and light backgrounds
– Understand and use various portrait lighting patterns
– How to balance ambient and flash light
– How to take dramatic images, indoors and outdoors
– How to do high speed photos with flash

Fashion & Portrait retouching with photoshop

course curriculum available soon

Intro to 3D modeling

course curriculum available soon

Edit with Adobe premier

course curriculum available soon

Adel Javed is pro a photographer and trainer. Adel created many campaigns and images for local brands and has won a prestige’s photography award for his creative work.

Studio is located in Salmiya opposite Symphony Hotel at Eight Mall in the mezzanine with a large window and high ceiling. after your session is done in the Studio you can relax at the dose cafe in the ground floor or go to the Argan Square within walking distance to finish your editing and post production work.

Eight Mall
Salmiya Salem Al Mubarak St

Use the Map for directions:

Please read carefully

Space usage limit: You are welcome to use the co-working space before, after and during your  mentor session.

Studio:  If the Studio property is damaged customer will be charged accordingly.

mentor Session terms: The customer will be given access to the studio by the operator at the beginning of the session. customer must be finished with the Studio and equipment 10 minutes before session end, any delays will add additional charges of 5KD per partial or full 15 minutes for studio space.

Setup time: We do not give extra free time for setup! if you require any amount of time to prepare for your mentor  session please consider booking more time in advance.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation within 48 hours of the session date and time is refundable and non-refundable within 24 hours of the session.

Late or No show: If customer is late or does not show up for mentor session they will not receive any refund and they can not reschedule.

Changing session time & Date: In the case of changing the session date or time we ask the customer to  make the request as soon as possible to avoid mentor and facilities not being available , preferably before 48 hours. of session date and time

Equipment terms: All equipment can only be used within the studio space, under no circumstances is it allowed to use the equipment rented outside.

Missing or Damaged Equipment Policy: In case of any loss or damage done to any of the rented equipment, a fine will be determined after full inspection. Amount may reach up to full equipment price for replacement.

Security Camera: The studio is not equipped with a security camera, however we do have a security camera in the co working space outside the studio

Discounts and promotions: during discounts and promotion other terms and condition apply and will be expressed during that period.

Mentors terms and conditions also apply


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