Terms & Conditions | Privacy

Privacy statement: Without creating an account, all your personal data is only associated with you’r latest studio booking. no data is saved when non registered customer makes a booking. Creating an account saves basic data like email and mobile for a better and faster booking experience.

Studio:  If the Studio property is damaged customer will be charged accordingly.

Studio Session terms: The customer will be given access to the studio by the operator at the beginning of the session. customer must be finished with the Studio and equipment exactly 10 minutes before session end, any delays will add additional charges of 2.5KD penalty per partial or full 10 minutes for studio space and a 10% charge from equipment rental price per partial or 10 minutes.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation within 48 hours of the session date and time is refundable and non-refundable within 24 hours of the session.

Late or No show: If customer is late or does not show up for booked session they will not receive any refund and they can not reschedule.

Changing session time & Date: In the case of changing the session date or time we ask the customer to  make the request as soon as possible to avoid studio not being available , preferably before 48 hours. of session date and date

Equipment terms: All equipment can only be used within the studio space, under no circumstances is it allowed to use the equipment rented outside.

Missing or Damaged Equipment Policy: In case of any loss or damage done to any of the rented equipment, a fine will be determined after full inspection. Amount may reach up to full equipment price for replacement.

Security Camera: The studio is equipped with a security camera but we understand some sessions require privacy.For this reason we made the camera disconnection simple, just turn off the wall power supply during the session and back on after.

Discounts and promotions: during discounts and promotion other terms and condition apply and will be expressed during that period.